There will be 3 main sections of the mag
  • Comics works: fictional and non fictional
  • Articles: Non-fictional theoretical works and Interviews
  • News: News and updates about the medium and the new initiatives in the field

There will be 3-8 short comics in every issue
  1. All genres are welcome if there is a story worth telling. 
  2. We are only accepting 6page, 4page and single page works (if your work is anything but these please contact the editors beforehand)
  3. Stories must not have an ongoing nature. But if you are willing to do a regular strip please contact us.
  4. Both color and black and white formats are acceptable but the anthology will be in b-w format. Therefore send b-w versions also if you are sending colored comics
  5. Page size A4 (send 300dpi jpeg files not pdf or cbr/cbz)
  6. Mention page numbers only in the file name not on the pages

There will be 3-5 articles in every issue including interviews but excluding the news section.
  1. You can write anything ranging from 'highly academic' to 'freakishly non-conventional'
  2. Word limit is approximately 1500.
  3. Must be original and all the references must be cited (most of them will not be published though, this is just for the official use)
  4. Needless to say that we are not interested in Superman's Kryptonian skin cells or Peter Parker's bowel movement. Please select a topic that is significant for the development of the art-form.
  5. Review column is entirely on invitation basis. It means you can write a about the socio-cultural significance of Corridor but cannot write 'Corridor: A review' if you are not asked to do so by the editors.
  6. Send your articles as .doc, .docx or .pdf file

If you are interested to inform readers about your projects, initiatives or anything interesting feel free to contact us. This is only for information sharing purpose and not advertisement. (For advertisement of your product please contact Soumik Mukherjee at

Theme for the individual issues: 
  • Volume 1: Issue 1: Expressing through Comics           
  • Volume 1: Issue 2: The power of NEW
  • Volume 1: Issue 3: Comics, India and Now
  • Volume 1: Issue 1: August 31, 2010           
  • Volume 1: Issue 2: September 30, 2010
  • Volume 1: Issue 3: October 31, 2010

Send all the submissions to