Monday, June 28, 2010

about the magazine project

We are thinking of launching a new monthly comics magazine in the format of a Webzine (or e-zine). The magazine will be non profitable and freely distributed for the first six months. And then it will be published as anthology. The anthologies will be self-published and we’re planning on operating in a profit-sharing manner.

‘Visual Literature mag’ will have 2 distinct sections; one focusing on comics and the other on the theoretical approach to comics. In addition to that there will be news and updates about the art-form/medium. As we have noticed that there is no comics magazine in India that performs both the task simultaneously. Although there are some good initiatives regarding comics magazines, but the theoretical and journalistic aspects have been neglected.

As per our planning the page count for the monthly issue will not exceed 30-40 which makes the anthologies 200-250 page long. And as we are publishing them as webzine we'll accept both colored and b-w works. Artists and writers will be given absolute freedom to work which means you can say whatever your heart desires. writers/artist will retain their copyrights.

We believe in the philosophy of sharing and are willing to collaborate with other groups as well as free and independent people. Our prime focus will be to encourage independent artists. But to develop a matured comics culture in India we should reach for friend groups and organizations.

Some aspects of this project are still in planning stage and we welcome every single piece of suggestion from you. Please do join us, spread the word and send in your suggestions.